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Davis Notes


# ID: I09181
# Name: Thomas DAVIS (possible father of Thomas)
# Sex: M
# Birth: 1766 in NC
# Note: found on LDS
Marriage 1 Mary PARKER b: ABT. 1770 in NC


   1.  Evan DAVIS b: ABT. 1792 in Rowan Co.,NC
   2.  William DAVIS b: ABT. 1794
   3.  Thomas DAVIS b: ABT. 1796
   4.  John DAVIS b: ABT. 1798
   5.  Parker DAVIS b: ABT. 1800
   6.  Nancy DAVIS b: ABT. 1802
   7. Lilly DAVIS b: ABT. 1806 in NC
   8. Mary Polly DAVIS b: Oct 1804 in NC

1800 Census Buncombe County North Carolina

DAVIS, John             00001            31310 0          0
DAVIS, Isham          20010             32010             0          0
DAVIS, Baxter          10100             20100             0          0
DAVIS, Thomas    10010             00100            0          0
DAVIS, John             31010             21010             0          0
DAVIS, John             00110             00100            0          0
DAVIS, William       22010             01110 0          0
DAVIS, Samuel        20010             10010             0          0


1.     Thomas Davis

Thomas Davis, was born about 1795 probably in  Buncombe County ,North Carolina Haywood County was created from Buncombe in 1808- Buncombe Ct Hse burned 1830/5- Buncombe created 1791 from Burke, Rutherford (Burke from Rowan  1777)

They may have records in Lincoln county as that seems to be where it leads Lincoln 1778 from Tyron- Tyron created 1768 disc 1779 Some Davis Marriage in Lincoln Co John Davis to Elisabeth Lytle 12 Apr 1785, Mary Davis to Christian Shneider 15 Jun 1799, Sary Davis to Richard Johnston 4 Mar 1800- this is also where Benjamin Stiles married Catherine McCabe 9 Jan 1794.

Marriage: 18 Dec 1816 Haywood County North Carolina- Marriage Records Film # 0418147 Thomas Davis to Caly Stiles , daughter of Benjamin Stiles. Bondsman Thomas Davis

Film # 0463089 Haywood County North Carolina Minutes 1809-1815 -
1809: Thomas Davis is listed as one of the Jury of view to lay out a road.
1809 pg 21  on the affidavit of Wm McClure ordered by Court that the sheriff of this County do  bring to the next Court the following children who are reported to be in sufference Viz; Thomas,  Cagy, Ann, Dorcas, Peggy, Jenny, Children of William Davis

1810 Haywood County North Carolina-Abstracts of Deeds 1808-1838 by Bill Eddleman
#502. page 502. 7 Nov 1810. John Strother to THOMAS DAVIS. For the sum of $226, bond  to make deed for 113 acres, including the house & plantation wherreon sd DAVIS now lives. The deed is to be executed as soon as sd DAVIS pays a note for $113 to sd Strother for the tract. Signed John Strother by his agent Robert Love. Wit Fleurman Parks. Ackd at Mar 1818 Court. Reg 9 Jun 1818

1811- December 16th : Jury list- Tho's Davis, Zach Cabe, Sam'l Cabe
1812-1815 Bk C page 6 Jury list Thomas Davis, Benjamin Davis, Samuel Cabe
1813- Jury Duty- Thomas Davis, Benjamin Davis (on several Jury list)
1813 page 56 State vs William Davis; William Davis came into court & submitted on a charge of the   state for an affray and was fined by order of the court the sum of ten shillings\
1815 pg 124 The following person's were sworn as Talisman for this day (to wit). Thomas Davis, John Watson, David Nelson, Price Adams, John M Camish, John Colward, Thomas Edwards,  George Hatfield, Andrew Bryson, Joshua Kinesworthy, Jacob Shook, George Minge.
1820, June,  Jury of view to lay out road; Thomas Davis
1820 September 27th; ordered by Court that Jeremiah Love to be overseer of the publick road from the courthouse to the millstone quarry on Scot's Creek; and that all working hands living on Richland Creek, and waters thereof above Thomas Davis and the R..H. Posey's plantations work under said overseer the road is to be well cleared 15 feet wide when the ground is level and 10 feet in the most difficult places and short turns is to be made. So that the wagon can take the turn with ease.
1830:Haywood County North Carolina Court Minutes Film # 0463089- ordered by the court that Thomas Davis be overseer of the state road from 10 mile post, to the 15 mile Tree and have such hands as are on the order heretofore assigned to Sam'l Crawford Junr.

Court Records:1840 Haywood County North Carolina  1834-1858 Film # 0463090 item 2 page 129
State vs Thomas Davis  #21 AB-Thomas Davis came into court & submitted & sentence of court  that he be fined Three Dollars & cost
1840 page 137 a deed from Thomas Davis to Samuel Crawford for 100 acres dated 5 Jan 1840
1841 page 235 Thomas Davis overseer of road
pg429 (did not see him on the insolvent list, but John S. Davis was picked up 1845 for 1844 taxable)
1848 page 580 a deed of conveyance from Thomas Davis to John Davis dated 16 Nov 1847

Census: 1820 Haywood County North Carolina-
Thomas Davis Jr.-  Thomas Davis Sr- William Davis- Elizabeth Davis:

Census:1830 Haywood County North Carolina -1830 census page 374 ( Lou Dyer has a copy)
Thomas Davis,- 1 Male 30-40, 2 males 10-15, 1 female 30-30, 1 female 5-10
on the same page- Thomas Stiles, john Stiles, James Stiles Jr, Zachariah Stiles, John Stiles Sr, James Stiles Sr,      Lakey Ellit, Easther Carroll, Benjamin Hatfield

Census:1840 Haywood County North Carolina -1840 census
Thomas Davis,-1Male 40-50,1male 20-30,1female 40-50,1female 15-20,1female10-15,1female u 5.

Census:1850 Gilmer County Georgia-  Subdivison No. 33- 30 Oct 1850- Line 29  # 853
Thomas Davis age 51, Farmer, can  not read or write,  born  in NC; Catherine 51 born in NC;  William  age 33, Farmer born in  NC;   Ellinor age 12 born in NC.

Census:  1860 Fannin County Georgia-1860 census family # 387 chestnut gap Twp.
 Thomas Davis,- age 60, Farmhand, born in NC, Catharine age 60 housekeeper.

Note: Gilmer County, Georgia, was established 3 Dec 1832, by legislative act, from the original Cherokee County. The boundaries remained as originally set until 1856 ( after the 1850 enumeration of population) when a portion of Union County was added. (Other later changes took place.)

Note: 1854- Fannin County, Georgia, was created from Gimer & Union County

Will of Thomas Davis
In the name of God Amen: I, Thomas Davis of the State of N. Carolina & County of Rowan being…the mercy of God though weak in body yet of sound and perfect understanding and memory, do constitute this my last will & testament and desire it to receive by all as such imprimis I humbly bequeath my soul to God my maker.  Then I give my body to the earth from whence it was taken in full assurance of its resurrection from whence at the last day as for my burial I leave it to the discretion of my dear wife as my executors hereafter names:  As to my worldly estate I will and positively order that my debts be paid.  Item:  I give to my dear & loving wife Jeane one bed and furniture one pewter dish and one pewter bason and six pewter plates also one iron pot of a middle size also one cow & calf and heifer …one horse I know by the name of Drommer.  I give to my daughter, Peggy, twelve pounds ten shillings in money.  Item: I give to my daughter, Lucee, twelve pounds and ten shillings in money.  Item: I give to my son, John one horse knowing by the name of  Ball in part of his dower at what he shall be…at.  Item: I  give to my son William one mare knowing by the name stray mare at the value that he shall by prices at also in part of his dower.  Item: I give to my son, Thomas the stray mare colt at the value he shall be priced at in part of his dower also the reminder part of my personal estate to be valued except one stud horse, to be equally divided between my wife and my seven sons, (viz.) Henry, John, William, Thomas, Edward, Benjamin, and Ephraim.  My stud horse to be sold at public sale given two year credit, the rest of my stock to be and remain in the hands of my wife, and to be delivered to my sons as they arrive of age also my plantation utensils to remain in her hands delivered as a foresaid also my household furniture as above mentioned it is my will that my wife shall have the use of my plantation during her widowhood & if she shall live single, shall have the use of it also until my son, Ephraim arrives to the age of eighteen years that all my land is to be sold and five pounds to be paid to each of my daughters, viz: Peggy & Luci and the reminder to be equally divided between my wife and seven sons.  I do constitute & appoint Phineous Runyon  and William Cole executors of this my last will & testament for my wife and children in witness.  I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 20th day of June 1789.
These I…off my seal & do declare this to be my last will & testament.

Thomas Davis (seal)

Witness present                                

Henry (x) Davis        

John (x) Davis

Will’m (x) Davis

Film #0019735

Rowan County North Carolina

Book E  1789-1807

Page 239/240

File name (DavisT1789.doc)

Book:Haywood County Marriages/Woolley
1816- Thomas Davis Bondsman for Thomas Davis/Caly Stiles (d of Benjamin Stiles 18 Dec 1816
1831-(Thos Davis) witness for Charles Hebberts/Jane Stiles (d of Thos Stiles) 31 Jul 1831
Research Notes:
Fiml#0398082-Tryon & Lincoln NC Archives & History County Court Minutes
                    1770; 1771 Oct term claims on the County of Tyron for the year 1770 Thomas Davis
F#6087757 Lincoln County North Carolina Ct of Plees & Quarter Sessions
1796- John Davis impanneled on Grand Jury
1797- William Davis to serve on Jury
1797- Upshear Davis The state vs- deft found not guilty
1797- Wm. Davis as constable fiche 1 page 38
1798- Henry Davis on Jury F1 pg 49,60
1798- Wm. Davis on Jury F1 pg51
1798- John Edwards Davis-Deed of sale John Edwards to John Edwards Davis 78a
1799- William Davis(Isaac Henry vs William Davis) F1 pg74
1799- Roger Davis-Deed of sale Jacob Settlemyer to Roger Davis 172A F2 pg 81
1799- Henry Davis-Deed of sale Henry Davis to George Dameron 100A F2 pg 92
1799- Henry & William Davis  (Alexander Work (Wock) vs
1799- John B. Davis on Jury F2 pg 97
1799- William Davis vs Thomas Vaughn F2 pg 98
1800- Uriah Davis-Deed of sale William Coons to Uriah Davis 100a F2 pg100
1804- Edward Davis- Jenny Huffstetler vs F2 pg 132

F#0019241 Lincoln County North Carolina Land Entries 1783-1795
F#0421868 Lincoln County North Carolina Court Minutes 1779-1782
F#0421869 Lincoln County North Carolina Court Minutes 1781-1788
1785-F#0421869 Jeremiah Davis,decd acct of sale of the estate  returned & filed by Wm Bates
1793-F#0421869 John B. Davis/ deed of sale from John B. Davis to John Sloan for 200a  dated Oct 9th 1793
1795-F#0421869 John Baptist Davis deed of sale to William magness 200a dated Feb 7,1795
1796-F#0421869 John B. Davis to lay off road
1780-F#0421868 Baptist Davis on Jury list
1778-F#0421868 William Smith to William Davis deed for 100 acres dated 19thSep 1778
1779-F#0421868 John McFarland to Wm Davis deed for 200 acres dated 24th Aug 1779
1781- bk NC Early marriages William Davis & Sarah Callahan 22 Aug 1781 Rutherford Co NC
1784-F#0019241 William Davis claims 100 acres of land on the south side of Cataba  River joining land of James Beatly, Thomas Robinson, Abram Scott & his own land. Oct 26th 1783 Grant # 46
1784- F#0019241William Davis claiming 20  acres of land being an Island in Cataba River joining his own land 29th Aug 1784 Grant # 117
1789-F#0019241 William Davis,SR climing 60 acres between Lincoln Co & Mecklenbery at  the Tuskasign ford on the Cataba River. 7th Sep 1789 Grant #92
1795-F#0421869  William Davis Sr deed of sale from to Joseph Graham 28a dated Oct 24th 1795
1795-F#0421869  William Davis Jr be overseer of road from Tuskasign ford including island that wagon travels through he is to keep in good repair for one year
1786-F#0019241 John Davis claiming 100 acres of land , joining ...Cates,Jonathan  Hager, William ...,William Caruther,...7th Oct 1786 Grant # 405
1788-F#0019241 Mesheck Davis claiming 100 acres of land , where he goes back on in  checking his own improvements 3oth Jun 1788 Grant # 6221795
1792-F#0421869 Mesheck Davis vs Michael Buff & others} jury
1794-F#0019241 Mesheck Davis claimed 100 acres. waters of Indian Creek joining his own  land 3 Apr 1794  Grant # 846
1795-F#0421869  Mesheck Davis,A power of attorney from Mesheck Davis to George Cooke dated Apr 7th 1795
1791-F#0019241 Usher Davis 150 acres joining Daniel Caldwells,John Dealing, p. Dawkins?, waters of Mountain Creek. 2 Aug 1791  Grant #303
1792-F#0421869 Upshire Davis/ State vs Upshire Davis} Jury
1793-F#0421869 Upshear Davis- Deed of sale from Fredrick Ward to Upshear for 150 a dated 6 Aug 1793 proved
1795-F#0421869 Upshire Davis marks with a swallow fork in each ear
1794-F#0019241 Allen Davis 150 acres north side of South Fork of Cataba River on  Bakers branch joining Bakers land 11 April 1794 Grant # 854
1795-F#0019241 Hezakiah Davis claiming 100 acres including Richard Reynold  improvements on the waters of Indian Creek 4 Jan 1795 Grant #130 transferred to Richard Reynolds

2.   John Stiles Davis

Birth: North Carolina  about 1818- Cemetery Marker  2 Jun 1818

Marriage: Haywood County North Carolina-1 Feb 1840-John S. & Mary An Elliott Daughter of Lakey Elliott
                    Fhl Film # 54784 Pt #6

Death:Fannin County Georgia -17 March 1870
Burial: Fannin County Georgia Mt. Moriah Cemetary Behind The Church Near Hidgon Store (Chestnut Gap Ga)

 Jno. S. Davis 2 Jun 1818 to 17 Mar 1870
Mt. Moriah is on Old GA Highway 2 between Chestnut Gap Road and Lebanon Road. It was not hard to find, even for someone who'd never been in Fannin County before. We took Old GA Hwy 2 off of State Hwy 5. Hot House Township - Wolf Creek

Court Records:1840 Haywood County North Carolina  1834-1858 Film # 0463090 item 2 page 129
State vs John S. Davis  #17 AB- John S. Davis came into court & submitted & sentence of court  that he be fined Three Dollars & cost
                      page 163   Jury List for Fall 1840 John Carroll, John W. Davis, John S. Davis, Jas Carrowll
                    *  page 429 Insolvent Taxable year 1844 John S. Davis has moved

Census: 1830 Haywood County North Carolina -1830 census page 374
Thomas Davis,- 1 Male 30-40, 2 males 10-15, 1 female 30-30, 1  female 5-10

Census: 1840 Haywood County North Carolina -1840 census
Thomas Davis,- 1 Male 40-50, 1 male 20-30, 1 female 40-50, 1female 15-20, 1female 10-15, 1female u 5.

Census: 1850 Gilmer County Georgia- Subdivison # 33- 7 Oct 1850- Line 29 # 571 -On Page 22 Book
John Davis age 33 Farmer born NC, Mary age 29 born NC, Nancy J age 7 born NC, Catherine age 5 born NC ,Thomas J age 4 born GA,  Matilda age 2 born GA

Census: 1860 Milledgeville Baldwin County Georgia-He Was In Asylum Commited 15  May 1860

Note:Family Records As Told To Me (LJD) John's Mind Failed Him & For Awhile He Was Put In A Asalym. He Was Said To Be A Scholar Of The Bible & An Educated Man In Mining And Had Several Copper Mines In Ga & Maybe Tenn.

*The Georgia Black Book 929.3758 Plano Tx Public Lib-  Page 200
John S. Davis Was Commited To The Insane Asylum  15 May 1860
 The State Mental Hospital-Milledgeville,Baldwin Co, Ga Family Says He Stayed There About 3 Years-They Could Not Help Him So Grandma Mary Brought Him Home.-He Had To Have A Special Room To Stay In.

**Note** I Was Told John Had A Son When Him & Mary Ann Elliott Married.

3.   John Stiles Davis

Birth: Fannin County Georgia 1860 census age 5/12

Marriage: Fannin County Georgia 26 Aug 1878- Bk B pg 249- Josephine Clemens
           #2 Fannin County Georgia 15 May 1887-Bk B pg 374- M.A. Thomas
           #3 Wise County Texas        10 Sep 1897- Martha Bell Scoggins
                (Lou Dyer has copy of all 3 license)

Death: Bryan County Oklahoma- 3 Jan 1916- personal knowledge of John Henry Davis (son)

Burial:  Bryan County Oklahoma- Coxey Chapel Cemetery- we have added a marker--   340330N / 0962413W / 4.5m N, 2m W  there is also  daughter Nannie buried at Coxey Cemetery

Cox Chapel Cemetery Located north of Durant. From Durant, go north on Washington Ave, to Fulsom Rd. turn left go about 1 mile to 4 way stop, church on left corner named Stone Creek Baptist (however it has changed  names 3 different times) turn north (right) on Bryan go about  1 mile, first lane that turns east go about 1/2 mile a small lane  turns north beside a trailer, ( House used for landmark before has burned down) small lane goes back in the woods about 1/4  mile, cemetery is on left side, it is large and unmaintained,

Book: Bryan County Oklahoma-  Queen of Three Valleys- A Story Of Durant by Henry Mac Creary- page 7
In an interview by the Durant Weekly News of 15 August 1913, John Davis who was a former resident and had returned for a visit stated that he came to the town in 1873 and in 1880 built and operated a store about where West Main intersects the railroad right -ofo way. He also states that in 1887 he built and operated a cotton gin and grist mill about where North First Avenue intersects West Main.

Census: 1860 Fannin County Georgia- age 5/12-  #388/388 - 40 Chestnut Gap Twp
Mary age 40, Nancy 17, Catherine 15, Thomas 12, Matilda 10, Arty 8, Delia 6, John S. 5/12

Census: 1870 Fannin County Georgia- 844th G M District P.O. Morgantown
Ann age 42 born GA, Jane 26 GA,  Thomas 22 GA Farmer, Matilda 18 GAworks farm, Elvira 16 GA works farm, Delilia 14 GAworks farm, John age 11 GA works farm

Census: 1880 Fannin County Georgia-next door to his mom Mary Ann davis Dist 1 ED57 pg 4
                  John S. age 20 farming born in GA, Gasia age 19 wife keeping house born Georgia

Census: 1900 Wise County Texas -Voting Precinct No 10-   SD3 ED149 Sh 13 B- Line # 81 #268/268
John S.Davis age 40 born Dec 1859 Married 3 times GA NC NC; Martha B. age 23 born Jun 1876 (married 3 times that is error) Children 2/2 living AR GA GA;
Nannie daughter age 3 born Oct 1896 TX GA AR; John son age 1 born Feb 1899 TX GA AR:

Census: 1910 Bryan County Oklahoma -age 51-twp #2 ##155/156 sd4 ed 18 sh 9a
J.S. age 51 born Georgia; Rosa B. age 29 born Texas, Nannie J. age 14 born Texas, John H. age 11 born Texas, Otta May age 6 born Texas  (her name is Artie Mae)   (Rosa B born Arkansas ) J.S.=John Stiles. Census says he was married 3 times.  also 4 children 3 living.     He had 2 Children by #1 Marriage.

4.   John Henry Davis

Birth:Wise Co TX-28 Feb 1898-Family Records. Family book in my possession LJD

Marriage: Calera, Bryan Co.,Oklahoma-1 Aug 1920-Book 1 page 45
J.H. Davis aged 22 years to Miss Omie Evans aged 18 years
by F.M. Lee Minister of Baptist Church in Calera at Residence
witness: J.F. Woodwards & Grady G. Murphy
Lic issued-27 Jul 1920; Married-1 August 1920;
Recorded 4 Aug 1920 on page 582 of marriage record 8.

 I looked at the two "witnesses" to the marriage of John H. Davis & Oma Evans.   I find J. F. Woodwards was 20yrs old born TX, a son of F. M. Woodwards b 1867 AR.    I also find Grady Murphy was 23 yrs old born TX, a son of Jim K. Murphy b 1864 AR.   Murphy lived in Celara & Woodwards in Albany.      As both these guys are about same age as J.H. Davis, they were probably close friends.- (Gary Duke research)

Death:Richardson,Dallas Co,TX-26 March 1982-Personal Knowledge of LJD

Burial:Bokchito,Bryan Co.,Oklahoma-28 March 1982-Bokchito Cemetery

Census: 1900 Wise County Texas -Voting Precinct No 10-   SD3 ED149 Sh 13 B- Line # 81 #268/268
John S.Davis age 40 born Dec 1859 Married 3 times GA NC NC; Martha B. age 23 born Jun 1876 (married 3 times that is an error) Children 2/2 living AR GA GA;
Nannie daughter age 3 born Oct 1896 TX GA AR; John son age 1 born Feb 1899 TX GA AR:

United States Census, 1900 for John S Davis

Name:            John S Davis
Residence:                                         Bridgeport town, Wise, Texas
Birth Date:                                         Dec 1859
Birthplace:                                          Georgia
Relationship to Head of Household:           Self
Spouse:                                               Martha B Davis         
Spouse's Birthplace:                          Arkansas
Father's Birthplace:                           North Carolina          
Mother's Birthplace:                          North Carolina
Race or Color (expanded):               White
Head-of-household Name:              John S Davis
Gender:                                              Male
Marital Status:                                   Married
Years Married:                                   3
Estimated Marriage Year:                1897
Enumeration District:                                   0149
Page:                                                   13
Sheet Letter:                                      B
Family Number:                                268
Reference Number:                          81
Film Number:                                                1241681
Image Number:                                 00048
 Household                             Gender                       Age
            John S Davis           M        
Spouse Martha B Davis     F         
Child   Nannie Davis                         F         
Child   John Davis             M        

Census: 1910 Bryan Co OK-Age 11- #155/156 Twp #2 SD 4 ED 18 SH 9A
J.S. Davis age 51 M3 times-14 yrs B;GA,NC,NC, Rosa B. wife age 29 M1 4 Children 3 living B; TX,Ga,GA Nannie J. Daug age 14TX,*John H.Son age 11TX,Otta May age 6TX        next door- at #156/157 W.O. Brisco age 20 M1 TX   wife Winnie age 17,Sister-n-law Jessie Fisher 15 TX

Census:  1920 John Henry was not listed with the family in 1920
Census: Jefferson County Oklahoma- 143A 9   213 13A    Davis , John  age 21  Oklahoma    ed213-pg142a.txt

1930 Bryan County Oklahoma- Albany Township ED7-2 SD 13 sheet 4A #73/80
Davis, John H. age 31, 21 when married B TX US US, Oma wife age 25, 17 when married TX IN KY, Clarabil age 9 OK TX TX, Christine age 5 OK TX TX, Foston age 2 11/12 OK TX TX, Allen, Lalia sister-in-law age 21 (wd) TX IN KY, Marie niece age 2 8/12(?) OK US OK

SS# 440-18-7144
book: Bennington News 1946- Extraction by Rozell Sangster Thomas
published by  The Bryan County Genealogy Library & Archives -Calera Oklahoma
Bennington Journal- H. Dyer,Editor & Proprietor
Vol 40 No 51  October 18,1946- book page 212
Mr & Mrs John Davis and daughter Loistene and Mrs Allen and son Lorance, visited Mrs Cotton Jones Friday afternoon.

5.    Gracie Louella Jane Davis

Birth:Bokchito, Bryan Co, Oklahoma- 17 Oct 1940-# 07252  /33544
 amended 9 Jul 1974 state file # 2537-143

Marriage: Dallas, Dallas Co, Texas- 27 Dec 1955  # 139974
            Mr. Alvin Don Dyer to Miss Louella Jane Davis

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